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Heating ventilation and air conditioning is an important part of every building, especially here in southern Alberta. Whether you’re building a system to mitigate our hot summers, or protect us from our cold winters, we have the gas you need to put together your HVAC projects and maintain their efficiency through the life of the system.

Related Industry Gases


Used as a shielding gas, and to create a stable arc while arc welding.


The fuel in the oxy-acetylene torch. Acetylene burns extremely hot, giving you the tool to weld and shape metal.


Every fire needs oxygen to burn, and the hotter it is the more oxygen it needs.

Carbon Dioxide

Used to clean condensate discharge conduits. It is also often combined with argon to create a shielding gas to prevent atmospheric contamination in gas/metal arc welding.


Used as a shielding gas to reduce oxidation in high heat applications, like aluminum, stainless steel, and copper welding.


Used to clean condensate discharge conduits and control pressure to increase the efficiency of HVAC units. It’s also used when testing air conditioning systems.

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