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It takes a lot of planning and skill to create today’s multi-storey buildings. Contractors are constantly facing off against tight timelines, safety protocols, and budgets without give. Western Canada Welding Products is here to help builders in every way we can, from offering expert advice to workplace gas deliveries to keep your projects running on time.

Related Industry Gases


Used as a shielding gas, and to create a stable arc while arc welding.


The fuel in the oxy-acetylene torch. Acetylene burns extremely hot, giving you the tool to weld and shape metal.


Every fire needs oxygen to burn, and the hotter it is the more oxygen it needs.

Carbon Dioxide

Often combined with argon to create a shielding gas to prevent atmospheric contamination in gas/metal arc welding.


Used as a shielding gas to reduce oxidation in high heat applications, like aluminum, stainless steel, and copper welding.


Used as an assist-gas in plasma and laser cutting, and as a component for shielding in stainless steel welding.

Need a Gas Delivery ASAP?

Western Canada Welding Products offers same day delivery on all our gases. Contact us for more information on our same day delivery service.