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A well-known fuel for everything from equipment to barbecues, propane is used every day by both amateurs and professionals. Whether you need to make sure your barbecue has enough fuel for Sunday’s party or your forklift has enough fuel to move pallets in the warehouse, Western Canada Welding Products has the propane to keep you going.

Industry Usage of Propane


A popular choice for fueling equipment that spends most of its life indoors, like forklifts and zambonis.

Party Supplies

From propane-fueled fire pits to barbecues, we’ve got the gas that will fuel long evenings out on the patio this summer.


Many forklifts are propane-fueled rather than battery-powered to avoid downtime.


An alternative fuel used to braze pipes.

Need Propane ASAP?

Western Canada Welding Products offers same day delivery on all our gases. Contact us for more information on our same day delivery service.