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One of the most important elements for life on earth, oxygen is an important tool in a variety of industries. From creating a flame to heat metal to helping an injured person breathe, the use of oxygen is extremely varied.

Industry Usage of Oxygen


One half of the oxy-acetylene duo, oxygen helps many welders (from pro to amateur) heat, shape, and weld metal.


Feeds oxy-acetylene torches to help braze together copper piping.

Hobby/Artisanal Welding

If you need fire to repair or maintain equipment, you need oxygen.

Maintenance and Repair

It’s not about how much you need, but the quality you want. Whether you’re going through a cylinder of gas in one night shift, or over the course of months while you put together your brand new piece – we have the gas you need to get the job done.


Whether running a propane or acetylene torch, oxygen is an important part of keeping your torch up to temperature.


An important part of both oxy-acetylene and oxy-propane torches, oxygen gives HVAC constructors the tools they need to create HVAC systems.


One half of the very effective oxy-acetylene duo.


The second fuel used for oxy-acetylene torches.

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