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The most common pure element on earth, nitrogen makes up 78% of the earth’s atmosphere. It is useful across many industries, in all of its forms.

Industry Usage of Nitrogen


Nitrogen is used as a purge gas in steel tube welding.


Used as a pressurizing gas to move products through pipelines and shield potentially volatile products from oxygen.

Food & Beverage

Used in its liquid state to freeze or cool food products.

Hobby/Artisanal Welding

It’s not about how much you need, but the quality you want. Whether you’re going through a cylinder of gas in one night shift, or over the course of months while you put together your brand new piece – we have the gas you need to get the job done.


Used to clean condensate discharge conduits and control pressure to increase the efficiency of HVAC units. It’s also used when testing air conditioning systems.


A shielding gas used both for plasma cutting and welding.

Maintenance & Repair

Used as an assist-gas in welding as well as a shielding gas to stop oxidation. Pressurized nitrogen is often used to move product through pipelines.

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