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Carbon Dioxide

A common gas, purified CO2 is used across a variety of industries. Whether you’re a restaurant owner who needs to keep the soda fizzy, or a rig manager trying to push the last drops of crude from downhole, CO2 from Western Canada Welding Products is your answer.

Industry Usage of Carbon Dioxide


Carbon dioxide is often used as a shielding gas, in conjunction with argon, to prevent atmospheric contamination during electric arc welding.


Used to clean condensate discharge conduits. It is also often combined with argon to create a shielding gas to prevent atmospheric contamination in gas/metal arc welding.


Used as part of a shielding gas mixture to prevent contamination in on-site arc welding.


An important ingredient in shielding gas mixtures for on-site arc welders.

Maintenance and Repair

Combined with argon, carbon dioxide is a useful gas for shielding weld from atmospheric contamination.

Food & Beverage

Used in the industry to cool food (in the form of dry ice), carbonate beverages, and for food packaging, CO2 is non-harmful (in small amounts) and essential for most restaurants and bars.

Need Carbon Dioxide ASAP?

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