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The third most abundant chemical in earth’s atmosphere, argon is chemically inert and stable in all but the most extreme conditions. This inert stability makes argon a useful tool for shielding products from atmospheric contaminants.

Industry Usage of Argon


Used as a shielding gas in MIG welding, and to stabilize arcs in arc welding.

Food and Beverage

Displaces oxygen and moisture-bearing air in packaging to preserve freshness.

Maintenance and Repair

An important shielding gas for welding equipment on-site.

Hobby/Artisanal Welding

It’s not about how much you need, but the quality you want. Whether you’re going through a cylinder of gas in one night shift, or over the course of months while you put together your brand new piece – we have the gas you need to get the job done.


An inert gas, argon is used in MIG welding in all your HVAC jobs.


An important shielding gas for on-site welding.


Used as a shielding gas for arc welders on-site.

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