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Acetylene is one of the hottest burning gases on the market. As such, it’s an essential gas in everything from welding, to cutting and brazing.

Industry Usage of Acetylene


One of the hottest flame temperatures of all commercially available gases, Acetylene is popular among amateurs and professionals alike for oxy-fuel welding and cutting, as well as brazing.

Maintenance and Repair

Fuel for one of the hottest burning torches, used for everything from brazing to heating metal to increase its malleability.


With its high burn temperature, Acetylene is good for everything from welding equipment back together, to loosening bolts with a torch, helping to keep your equipment in good repair.

Hobby/Artisanal Welding

It’s not about how much you need, but the quality you want. Whether you’re going through a cylinder of gas in one night shift, or over the course of months while you put together your brand new piece – we have the gas you need to get the job done.


For welding or brazing piping, acetylene is crucial to getting your HVAC job done right, and on time.


Oxy-acetylene torches are like swiss army knives – a good solution to many problems on the building site.


Used to fuel oxy-acetylene torches in brazing together pipes.


Oxy-acetylene torches are an important tool for keeping shutdowns operating smoothly.

Need Acetylene ASAP?

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